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Inspiring Impactful Change

At Satamanam Bhavathi Charitable Society, our primary goal is to create a meaningful and long-lasting impact within our community and even extend it further. We've carefully crafted our projects and actions to ignite real and profound change. However, what truly drives us is an unwavering passion that fuels every aspect of our work. Passion is the very essence of all that we undertake.

Any donation to Society is exempt under section 80G of the Income Tax Act

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The Focus of Our Efforts


Narayana Seva

Making Change Possible, Narayana Seva, a selfless act of service, embodies the spirit of compassion. It's about providing food, care, and support to those in need, seeing the divine in every person. 

Little Boy Standing Portrait

Empowering Others

Empowering others through capacity building is like planting the seeds of knowledge, skills, and confidence. In doing so, we create a ripple effect of self-sufficiency and positive change.

Happy Girls


Our approach to child education goes beyond conventional teaching. It's a holistic journey, nurturing not only academic excellence but also character development and values.


Welcome to our contribution platform. We invite you to explore the profound impact of supporting our organization, whether through your involvement or resources. Your participation is a meaningful step towards realizing our shared vision and bringing positive change to the world.

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Any donation to Society is exempt under section 80G of the Income Tax Act
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